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Some of our clients:

It just works - only 2.1% of our customers request support!

  • Spencer Forman
    Founder of LabSecrets

    Our favorite feature is the ability to create Sub-users. This provides a bullet-proof way to partner with others on a particular site, while maintaining independent control over the rest of your "empire" of sites.

  • Shawn Hesketh
    Owner of LeftLane Designs and Creator of

    Thanks to ManageWP, I no longer dread the prospect of updating and monitoring dozens of individual WordPress sites for my clients

  • El Chong
    Owner of PLR Website Creations

    Literally, I can install, upload or duplicate a new post, page or plugin across multiple sites within seconds. I also get to see the latest published posts from all websites, all the comments and sort all of them at once.

  • Jochem Vroom
    Founder of

    We tested ManageWP with only a few websites, just to be sure and sooner then we thought we made a huge move - we moved every blog and website on WordPress to the ManageWP interface.

  • John Zeiger
    Owner of ZYGR INsites

    Because I use ManageWP, I am still able to access all of my WordPress back-ends.

  • Alok Sharma
    Owner of Ruchie Enterprises

    So what would life be if I was not using ManageWP? Well, I would be doing things the old, traditional way — wasting my precious time and resources, which I could have otherwise utilized on something more productive.

  • Dean Robinson
    ApinaPress Founder

    So after finding ManageWP I was impressed and relieved, finally something that makes updating my sites if not actually a pleasure, then certainly much easier to do.

  • Cindy Morus
    Owner of BizFinder Local

    I manage dozens of websites and just being able to log in to all of them in one place through ManageWP is worth every penny I paid for it.

  • Diego Velasquez
    Co-Founder of LocalStrong

    I no longer have to wonder which sites are up to date. With a click of a button, all my websites' platforms and plugins are updated (and cleaned up).

  • David Jenyns
    The Complete Entrepreneur

    We tested out lot of services out there and came across ManageWP, jumped on board and absolutely loved it! It is great to see that system evolves, ManageWP team is constantly working on it and improving it.

  • Bram van der Veer
    CEO REBEL Internet BV

    Everything changed since the day we discovered ManageWP. Before that, each WordPress version update was a nightmare, costing us hours to login and install the latest versions on all blogs. Nowadays, with the press of a button, ManageWP updates it all for us, saving us a lot of work.

  • Cliff Rohde
    Owner of GoatCloud Communications

    Now that GoatCloud manages and maintains dozens of websites, ManageWP makes that part of our business both sustainable and profitable. What would take hours to do takes minutes, because of ManageWP. Thank you, ManageWP, for being a trusted business partner.

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Used by over 5,000 companies

By clicking the button, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy