Restrict Access to ManageWP by IP Address - ManageWP

We take security very seriously at ManageWP. We use OpenSSL implementation to communicate between the ManageWP Dashboard and your remote websites. We also offer two factor authentication to make access to your ManageWP account watertight.

For additional security, you may want to restrict logging into your ManageWP account by IP address. This means that only people in certain locations, specified by you, will be able to log into your ManageWP account. This additional layer of protection will even further tighten your security.

You can specify different IPs:

  • single IP address – e.g. 123.455.23.23 – i.e. a single computer
  • global IP address or range – e.g. 62.234.12.* – i.e. a group of computers on a network

To restrict access to your ManageWP account by IP address, hover-over your Username (top right corner) and go into Settings > Advanced.

IP restriction

Insert the IP addresses to which you wish to restrict access. One should be added per line.

Be careful when choosing this option as it will restrict access to your account immediately!