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  • Getting Started

    (2:03 min)

    Learn the basics: How to install ManageWP Worker Plugin and how to add your site to ManageWP.

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  • Dashboard basics

    (2:28 min)

    Get familiar with your ManageWP dashboard and learn the basics of overview panel.

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  • Plugins & Themes

    (3:31 min)

    With ManageWP you can install and manage your plugins/themes for all of your websites with ease.

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  • Backup Tool

    (2:04 min)

    Providing you the power to automate your backups is another crucial feature you’ll find useful with ManageWP.

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  • Clone tool

    (2:27 min)

    If deploying content and websites to your customers is important, you’ll find Clone tool indispensable.

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  • Manage/Add Users

    (1:29 min)

    ManageWP gives you the power to add and manage users on your site or multiple sites.

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  • Manage Post-Pages

    (2:43 min)

    With ManageWP posting and managing content on your websites couldn’t be any easier.

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  • Uptime Monitoring

    (2:53 min)

    With this tool you can monitor your sites downtime and be first to know if something goes wrong.

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  • Settings

    (2:25 min)

    We have provided a group of settings that you can tweak to make sure that ManageWP works for you.

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  • Security

    (1:65 min)

    Securing ManageWP and the sites we interact with has always been our highest priority.

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