Install a WordPress site with ease using ManageWP - ManageWP

Install a WordPress site with ease using ManageWP

Today we rolled out a new feature, ability to install a clean WordPress site to a new or existing domain.

This is integrated into the Clone feature which is now called Install/Clone WordPress.

The new feature is located on the Select source screen as a last option.

At this moment you can select a Clean WordPress Install which will allow you to install the latest, clean, WordPress install.

In the future we plan to add several installations among which we are preparing a special SEO optimized WordPress install, featuring best plugins hand picked by ManageWP founder, and WordPress SEO expert Vladimir Prelovac.


Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is the Founder of ManageWP, and is a frequent contributor to the WordPress community - in the form of numerous plug-ins, tools, WordCamp talks and a book by the title WordPress Plugin Development.


  1. Net Profit Marketing

    It would be great with installing a site with a back-up URL or from an existing site if we could have the option to not overwrite the following:
    * WordPress URL in DB
    * Site URL in DB
    * wp-config.php

    I use a base install for my sites so I’ll create a clean install of WordPress then copy over a back-up (base theme, plugins, settings, etc). I would like to keep the existing URL and database for this new install and overwrite everything else.

    Does that make sense or did I not explain it very well?

    Thanks for the great product!

    1. ManageWP

      Clone (backup) feature preserves the site URL (more accurately it replaces it after clone/backup so everything works correctly).

      1. Net Profit Marketing

        I guess what I’m looking for is functionality that can replace wptwin. With WPTwin I make a back-up of a site then I run it on a new install of WordPress. It updates all the options, plugins, and content on the new install with the backup but it doesn’t replace the Site URL, WordPress URL or wp-config.php, which makes it perfect for cloning a site, not just restoring a backup.

        This example is if I’m copying a site and moving it to If I’m copying the plugins, template, and content to a new URL, I wouldn’t want the Site URL, WordPress URL or wp-config.php file replaced.

        I’m very happy with the other features of this site and just this one update in cloning a site would make it nice to have everything in one place. Maybe I’m in the minority for that feature request, though.

        1. ManageWP

          If you do not change the siteurl, the cloned site will not work – it would be redirecting back to the original site?

  2. One Eyed King Marketing

    I was using WP direct your service wins HANDS DOWN,, Except that in WP Direct when you install a new site, you only need to provide ftp access…

    Is that possible to add to manageWP?

    I can easily use Cpanel from my host and create a blank WP site, then clone in the new one or modify the standard ones. If I’m logged in to my hosting anyway to create a database, its just easier.

    Also a Feature request:

    to “store” plugins and themes that are NOT hosted by wordpress.

    Create a “link” in favorites to these.

    1. ManageWP

      Thank you!

      We need database details to install the database – so you must have entered these in WP Direct previously, or you entered your Cpanel details?

      We will support storing plugins and themes very soon.

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