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How to Restore From Backup Your WordPress Website

Restoring your websites is an important part of managing your websites, and it’s very easy to do with ManageWP. This feature is a part of our Backup tool, and you can use it when you need to restore your settings and files that you have on your Backup.

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How to Find the Restore Feature

In order to find your Restore feature, hover over the website you want to restore and click on the View Backups button.

Find restore from backup

You can also click on the website you wish to restore, on the left hand side you will see a set of options, click on Backups.

Restore from backup

How to Use Restore Feature

On the following screen you can see the calendar with your backups. Choose a date of the backup which you want to restore from.

Restor backup calendar

On the screen you will see all of the backups you have. Select the one you want to restore, and click on the Restore button.
You will get the following message.

Restore from backup notice

After confirming, you will see the Restore progress bar.

Restore from backup progress bar

And, when the Restore process is done, you will see the screen below, with the message “Website restored successfully”, and a link to your site so you can see the changes.

Restore from backup successfull

In case that your website is down or deleted, you have the option of entering your FTP credentials. This is useful in case you have to restore your website in these circumstances, you don’t have to worry about it at that moment.

Restore from backup credentials

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