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How to Create a Client Report

Client Reports help you create professional and personal reports that can be downloaded as a PDF and sent via email directly from the ManageWP dashboard to your client.

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Where to Find Client Reports

Client report sidebar

In order to create a Client Report, first of all select the website you wish to create the report for. On the left hand side you will see a Client Report button. Here you get to choose if you want to create a New Report, or manage your templates.

How to Create a Client Report

Start by clicking on the New Report button. You will see there are three steps when creating your Client Report.

Creating new report

In the first step you are able to set the following:

  • Choose a template (set a default or pick loose).
  • You can customize the date range of your Client Report.
  • You can select what you report on: Updates, Backup, Optimization, Uptime, Analytics, Security, Performance, SEO. This gives you the option to send your clients a fully customized report.
  • Check the box if you wish to include cover pages to your Client Report.

Proceed to the second step by clicking on Customize.

In the second step you are able to:

  • Set the title of your report.
  • Write an introduction.This is the first page of your report.
  • Write an outro message. This is the last page of your report.
  • Add your business logo.

When you are done, click on the Preview & Download button.

Client report

In the third step you are able to:

  • Preview your Client Report before sending it to the client or downloading it.
  • Download your Client Report as a PDF, by clicking on the Download as PDF button.
  • Send your report to a client.
  • Save it as a template.You can save preferences and customization details from this report and use it later on again. Just type the name of your Template and click on Save as a Template.
  • You can check the box to overwrite an already existing template.

How to Send Report to a Client

Here is how to send a report to your client. If you don’t mind exposing ManageWP to your clients, you have email available. Your clients will still be able to reply to your email, just type it into Reply To and Your email area. But if anyone takes a better look, they’ll notice ManageWP as the sender.

Sending report

If you don’t want to use, you can choose to add a new email account from the dropdown list.

Dropdown lista report

You will be prompted to add all the relevant email domain data.

Email domain data

We auto-fill all the major email domains like Yahoo or Gmail. Connecting Gmail defers a little bit because Gmail has a specific set of security rules, so we set up a separate Connect Gmail account button for now. You can see both of the examples on the following screens.

Yahoo domain Gmail domain

Now you’re all set to send Client reports with your own email showing to your clients.

Create a Client Report for Multiple Websites

If you need to create a client report for more than one website. Firstly go to your Website Dashboard and select the sites you wish to include in your report. On the top menu bar you will find a Create Client Report icon. Click on it.

Multiple site report

This will send you to the Client Report Tool. On the left hand side you will be able to see the websites that are included in your report.

Multiple websites reports

The process is the same as when creating a Client Report for a single website. Please follow the instructions above.

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