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Get to Know Your ManageWP Settings

It’s easy to customize ManageWP so that it provides the perfect management tools for your setup. We know that every person’s approach to website management is different, that’s why we’ve provided a whole group of ManageWP settings that you can tweak and change to make sure that ManageWP works for you. You can change how many posts and comments appear on the Dashboard, add additional layers of security and much more!

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Where to find your Settings

When you log into your ManageWP account, you will see on the top right corner your profile log in details. Click on this and below you will see a set of options. Select Settings.


How to adjust your General Settings

General Settings

In your General Settings you will find options to set:

  • Automatically Refresh Website Data on Login

Check the box here if you want your sites to auto-refresh on login. This means that you will not have to click the Sync Icon to refresh your website data when you log into your ManageWP Dashboard.

  • Appearance Settings

Upon login you can choose what view your ManageWP account will load on. There are three options: Thumbnail view, List view, Dashboard view.

Appearance Settings
  • Date and Time
Date and Time Settings

In this setting you are able to select in what format you wish to view your date and time settings. You have options to set your timezone, the day your week starts on, as well as time and date format.

When you have adjusted the settings click Save Changes.

How to optimize your Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings 2

In your Advanced Settings you are able to optimize:

  • Max Parallel Requests

Set the maximum number of parallel requests per server. More requests usually mean a faster syncing time, but some sites may not load if the server can not handle that many connection (sites will appear in red).

  • Post Revisions

Here you can select the amount of Post Revisions you wish to keep per each post when performing the Clean Revisions action. The most recent post revision (depending on the number you choose to keep) will not be displayed nor cleaned inside the Optimization Widget.

  • Application Shortcuts

Here you are able to enable your Application Shortcuts. Check the box.

Application Shortcut Settings

When you have adjusted the settings click Save Changes.

How to change your Profile Settings

Profile Settings

Here you are able to change your login and personal information. You can adjust your email and password, as well as first and last name.

N.B Your Profile Picture is your Gravatar Image.

When you have adjusted the settings click Save Changes.

How to setup your Security Settings

Two Factor Auth Settings

Here you are able to set up:

  • Two Factor Authentication

You can increase the security of your websites by adding two-factor authentication to your ManageWP login process. If you’ve enabled this option, you will be required to input a verification code (which will be sent to you via SMS and/or email), in addition to entering your password. This prevents any would-be hackers from gaining access to your site through means of brute force attacks (or simply guessing your password).

Furthermore, if you receive an email or SMS with a verification code and you didn’t try to log into your ManageWP Dashboard, you’ll know that someone else has attempted to do so.

N.B. Choose whether you want to receive your verification via email or both.

When you have adjusted the settings click Save Changes.

How to add 3rd Party Services

Third Party Services Settings

Here you are able to connect 3rd Party Services to your account:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon S3

In order to connect to 3rd Party Services to your account simply click the Connect to Google Analytics, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Amazon S3 Button.

When you have adjusted the settings click Save Changes.

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