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How to Use Maintenance Mode Tool For Your Websites

Maintenance Mode is crucial when your websites are being edited or experiencing some radical changes and you don’t want your customer to see it before the work is done.
ManageWP Maintenance Mode Tool will help you to show a nice template with the information about your site being maintenanced with just few clicks on your Dashboard.

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Where to Find Maintenance Mode Tool

Maintenance mode tool

In order to find Maintenance Mode Tool, select the site you want to turn the Maintenance Mode on. On the left hand side menu, you will see a list of option. At the bottom of that list is the Maintenance Mode. Click on it and you will see the above screen.

How to Use Maintenance Mode Tool

When you have found your Maintenance Mode Tool for the website, you will see two templates ready to use on your website.

Maintenance Templates

You can choose Maintenance Template if you are making some changes on your website, or Coming Soon Template if you are making a completely new website, just by clicking on one of the two templates.

You are also able to edit HTML of the Templates, or write entirely new template for yourself. The templates you make will be saved in History tab on the right side of the Edit HTML window.


If you want the Maintenance Mode showing to your logged in users, check the box and choose the user roles you want to see Maintenance Mode on your website, like in the picture bellow.

Maintenance user roles

When you are ready, just click on the Activate maintenance mode and your Maintenance Mode will be activated.

Activate Button

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