Best of the Web in May 2012 – ManageWP Links Mashup - ManageWP

Best of the Web in May 2012 – ManageWP Links Mashup

Best of the Web in May 2012 – ManageWP Links Mashup

May has been a good month for WordPress users. The selection of themes and plugins to choose from was nothing short of stellar, and I have just spent a considerable amount of time browsing through an enormous selection of quality articles promoted via our Twitter account this month.

There is something for everyone here, including an exceptional article at the bottom of the page which should be read by anyone who has a passing interest in WordPress. Thanks go to Siobhan McKeown of Smashing Magazine for that gem. Enjoy!

Mobile/Responsive Websites

Responsive Design

Why Jakob Nielsen Is Wrong About Mobile Websites – I am a big fan of Nielsen’s, but in spite of that, I have to agree with the conclusion of this article.

Getting WordPress to play nice with responsive images – work through WordPress’ responsive teething issues with this excellent tutorial.


Code Snippets

Add CSS & Javascript To Your Posts With SuperSlider Perpost Code – use this simple plugin to include per-post CSS and JavaScript code.

CSS3 scroll effects – the capabilities of CSS3 are awesome. Here is a wide selection of scroll effects.

Awesome sites to find useful code snippets – everyone loves a good snippet. Here are a whole bunch for you to browse through!

Add jQuery Autocomplete to Your Site’s Search – yet another excellent tutorial from WP Tuts+ that can add Google-style autocomplete to your blog’s search box.

Animated Content Tabs With CSS3 – more CSS3 trickery to pimp out your site with.


Google Analytics Goals

The 8 Google Analytics Features Every Site MUST Have Enabled – the headline is rather misleading (does every site use AdWords?), but this is still a useful guide.

Tracking Scroll Depth with jQuery and Google Analytics – wonder how important “the fold” really is to your site? Find out by tracking scroll depth.

How to Track Off-Site Clicks as Goals in Google Analytics – want to know where people are going when they click off your site? Follow this tutorial.

Website Performance & Security


Setting Up a WordPress CDN (Content Delivery Networks) for Beginners – if your site is gaining traction then it may be time to look into a CDN solution…

10 Plugins to Help Spring Clean Your WordPress Blog – a clean blog is a quick blog, which is never a bad thing.

WordPress Lazy Load Plugins: Easy Way to Improve Your Site’s Performance – lazy loading is all the rage, and with good cause – it can speed up your site no end.

20 Tips To Increase Website Security – you can increase the security of your WordPress blog with a few simple steps – here are 20 tips to get you started.

Better Blogging


6 Tools That Help Bloggers Manage and Monitor Their Online Reputation – keeping an eye on who is mentioning you can be a great way of establishing and improving relationships with influential people.

8 Reasons Users Don’t Fill Out Sign Up Forms – invaluable advice regarding signups and how you can increase your conversion rate.

How to turn your blog into a book – this is a “why” as much as a “how”. A very interesting read for any blogger who may be looking for monetization methods.


Smashing Special: What’s Going On In The WordPress Economy? – I wanted to single this article out as something all WordPress enthusiasts should read.

Tom Ewer

Tom Ewer is the founder of He has been a huge fan of WordPress since he first laid eyes on it, and has been writing educational and informative content for WordPress users since 2011. When he's not working, you're likely to find him outdoors somewhere – as far away from a screen as possible!


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