How secure is ManageWP?

You don’t let just anyone babysit your kids, so why should you do the same with your websites? We go above and beyond to make sure your business is safe with ManageWP. Here’s how.

ManageWP Is Secure

We take security very seriously. We had no security-related incidents in our history (and we’ve been around since 2010). Let us walk you through security precautions we take in order to ensure that ManageWP and your websites stay secure.

  • Encrypted communication between the ManageWP Worker plugin and your website.
  • A website can be added to just one ManageWP account.
  • ManageWP Worker plugin automatically deactivates if a website is not added to a account in 10 minutes.
  • Your card information is securely stored with the payment processor.
  • No WordPress passwords stored.
  • Regular penetrations tests are performed, including a white hat security program.
  • All development is done in-house.
  • Our servers use Amazon AWS infrastructure.
  • We are trusted and used by over 300,000 WordPress websites world-wide

Your Security Benefits

  • HTTPS access
  • OpenSSL encryption
  • Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
  • Website security checks
  • Account alerts
  • Dedicated support

If you have any additional questions please contact us, we are happy to help.