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The Slow State of WordPress [Infographic]

Is WordPress feeling a bit slow? How does it affect your business, and how can you make things faster? We provide answers in this handy infographic:

The Slow State of WordPress and Plugins

James Mowery

James is the CEO of ManageWP. He makes sure that everything at ManageWP is running smoothly, and he strives to improve the WordPress community in any ways he can. And if you ever have any questions about ManageWP, send him an email.


  1. Chris Finnegan

    The website speed comparison to Joomla and Drupal is interesting. We’ve seen great improvements in search traffic and bounce rates when speeding up website load times,


  2. Ray Gulick

    I was under the impression that caching plugins cannot be used on ecommerce sites with any ajax cart functionality: true?

    1. Chris Christoff

      Most will not work with caching enabled. For instance, Jigoshop will not, however Easy Digital Downloads does.


      Disclosure: I work on both Jigoshop (which WooThemes forked to make WooCommerce) & Easy Digital Downloads.

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