When I clone my website why does the "Test Connection" process return a "Page not found" error? - ManageWP

Q. When I clone my site why does the “Test Connection” process return a “Page not found” error?

The test connection button checks if the directory you entered matches the target URL. If you get a failure it means that they do not match.

During the process we upload a file to the FTP directory you specified.

the ftp program with the hello file uploaded

After that, we open yourdomain.com/hello.txt where yourdomain.com is your destination site.

the clone connection okay message

If everything is OK, the contents of this file will open in your browser. Otherwise, you need to re-check your info.

Common problems include:

  • you have input the wrong directory path – i.e. it doesn’t match the URL
  • the file could not be uploaded because of the insufficient write permissions – to see if this is the case check to see if the hello.txt file has been uploaded to your FTP. The correct permissions will be 644 (files) or 755 (folders), but this will depend on your hosting provider. You can learn more about folder permissions here.
  • Your site was created/moved recently and its DNS hasn’t propagated yet (if so, try again in a couple of hours)