Why can't I open admin area of my website inside ManageWP iframe? I am using Firefox 23.0 and the latest version of Chrome - ManageWP

Q. Why can’t I open admin area of my website inside ManageWP iframe? I am using Firefox 23.0 and the latest version of Chrome

Note: This type of a problem can only occur if you checked the SSL Security box inside Settings > Advanced

Opening the admin area of your site within ManageWP Dashboard using any other browser works flawlessly. The browsers that you may experience this issue with are the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Since ManageWP is using HTTPS, the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome block all non HTTPS resources. Therefore, all non HTTPS websites are by default prevented from being opened inside ManageWP Dashboard.


In Firefox, by clicking on the shield icon and choosing “Disable protection on this page”, you can add an exception for the current page and resolve this issue: which is not directly connected with ManageWP.


You can read more about the new Firefox feature here:


The long term solution for this particular issue would be the following:

  • Inside the Firefox address bar, you can type about:config
  • After you have done that, inside the search filter, type mixed
  • The selected line security.mixed_content.block_active_content should be switched to false as you can see in the picture below

1This will prevent the reactivation of the shield icon when trying to open the admin area of your Dashboard inside ManageWP iframe.

The potentially negative side of this is the fact that this setting will work for Firefox and all the sites opened inside it, which will turn off the mixed content protection.


The procedure for disabling the mixed content blocker in Chrome is similar to the one in Firefox, except that the shield is located at the far right of the address bar.

The long term solution for this issue in Chrome would be the following:

  • Right click on your “Chrome” icon
  • Choose properties
  • At the end of your target line add the following command line flag:


The command line flag should be added after the quotation marks and should start with a space and two hyphens:


More information can be found at the following link:


Though this option exists, we advise it only if the shield icon of Chrome at the top right is not visible. If it is, the best solution would be just to click on it and choose “Load unsafe script”.

The alternative would be, if you wish for your sites to always open in new tab instead of iFrame, to set this option inside Settings > Basic.