ManageWP provides a powerful suite of alerts, which are important for staying on top of your WordPress sites. Once you start to monitor your WordPress websites, our alerts will notify you if there are any sudden changes in your website’s traffic. ManageWP can also email you to let you know if you’ve had an increase or decrease in traffic compared to a previous day or a previous week.

There are a lot of different reasons why you may experience a sudden shift in traffic:

  • If your recent blog post has become particularly successful or, if you’re lucky, gone viral, or
  • an unexpected traffic spike could mean that there is a security breach on your site, or
  • it may be caused by a spam or scraper bot that is attacking your site, or even
  • a traffic spike may also indicate that your site or blog post has been picked up by a major news source

Monitoring your WordPress websites and being notified on time about sudden changes in traffic means that you could take any necessary actions.


To set up an alert, navigate to Monitor > Website Traffic Alerts.


Choose the sites you wish to monitor and choose the percentage of the traffic change you wish to be informed about.

You can select one of the following:

  • Compare to a previous day – compares yesterday’s traffic with the day before
  • One week average – compares yesterday’s traffic with the previous week’s average
Add new alert

This will notify you if there have been any changes in your websites’ traffic.