Known Issues - ManageWP

On sites where FTP permissions are used some features may not work. Namely uploading posts with image attachments and backup/restore/cloning functionality.

If you have problems with plugin/theme/wordpress installation and updates you can try adding a few lines of code to your wp-config.php.

Plugins that could conflict with ManageWP:

  • InfiniteWP Client – since they used our code, the two plugins are not compatible and the site will not work properly inside ManageWP Dashboard unless InfiniteWP Client gets deactivated
  • Secure WordPress – plugin sometimes messes up the display of available updates
  • Auto Traffic Buddy – it can sometimes prevent ManageWP from displaying available updates
  • Stats – has reportedly prevented updates from being shown in ManageWP dashboard
  • W3 Total Cache – In some cases it prevents updates from showing in ManageWP dashboard. Deactivating and activating W3TC resolves the problem
  • WordPress Firewall 2 – you might need to add ManageWP IP’s to the plugin whitelist which is located in plugin Settings>Whitelisted IP’s. Our IP addresses can be found here
  • WP Autoresponder – In some cases it prevents ManageWP Worker plugin to run a scheduled backups
  • Google+ Author Information by WPBuddy plugin – known to prevent ManageWP from displaying available updates
  • All in one WP Security – if the plugin is activated it can provoke a Bad HTTP response (302 Found) error when attempting to reload the site inside your ManageWP Dashboard. The issue can be resolved by unchecking the boxes Enable Force WP User Logout (located inside WP Security>User Login>Force Logout) and Enable Brute Force Attack Prevention (located inside WP Security>Brute Force>Cookie Based Brute Force Prevention)
  • GD Star Rating – this plugin is supported up to WordPress 3.6 and it might prevent the website from reloading properly inside ManageWP Dashboard. By commenting out the following line  inside gd-star-rating.php, the problem should be resolved:

          $gdsr = new GDStarRating($gdsr_dirname_basic, __FILE__);

  • WP Courseware (Version 2.7 and earlier) – known to prevent the site from reloading properly inside ManageWP Dashboard. By commenting out the following line in wp-courseware.php, the issue should be resolved and only the ability to export the courses will be disabled:


  • Bad Behavior plugin – the plugin may cause difficulties when reloading or adding the site. The issue should be resolved by whitelisting ManageWP IP addresses in the plugin Settings.
  • WP Engine – since proc_open function is disabled on the sites hosted on WP Engine, when trying to backup or clone a site, our system will use the PHP Replacement code which requires more PHP Memory limit than usual. Also, after cloning from a WP Engine site to another server, all files inside the mu-plugins directory except 0-worker.php should be deleted. Object-cache.php should be deleted as well. Before performing plugin/theme updates via ManageWP, it might be needed to Purge All Caches at the admin area of the site.