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ManageWP 2.2.0 – New interface launched

When you log into your ManageWP Dashboard you will see a new interface which is based on the WordPress 3.2.

There are two big changes to notice. Widgets are now re-arrangeable on the dashboard and you can also enable/disable any widget.

Secondly, the data from your sites will not be loaded by default but rather you’d have to click the refresh button. This speeds up the delivery of the dashboard when you login so you can do other things (for example access your sites or options). If you want the dashboard to auto load you can enable this as an option in the Settings.

We hope you love the new interface and are excited to hear your feedback.

Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is the Founder of ManageWP, and is a frequent contributor to the WordPress community - in the form of numerous plug-ins, tools, WordCamp talks and a book by the title WordPress Plugin Development.


  1. Greenfields

    A big step for WP, another small and easy step for ManageWP > keep up the brilliance!!!!

  2. Paravent

    I like the new interface!

  3. shanno9

    It would be great if there was a way to manage the sites that we are link building for or advertising for. I would gladly pay more to be able to manage sites that I am providing link building or advertising for. I would love to be able to add sites (not in my network), and see which word press sites I have links on with that root domain. Maybe i it is not possible but if it through custom programming please let me know

  4. Stefan

    It’s just going better and better! I love ManageWP. It’s a great tool!

  5. mlk0125

    Thanks Vladimir for a great time saving plug-in. i like the new look of the interface seems faster too and easier to navigate.
    Michael from CA

  6. revmakx

    Hi guys, thats a nice update and I think we should call it as a design / theme / layout upgrade rather than an interface upgrade?

    Coz I don’t see much change in the interface.

    Just my 2 cents :)


  7. jb510

    It just keeps getting better, awesome work!

    Where is the best place at this point for bug reports and feature requests?

    – Widget Options (Screen Options) doesn’t change per page
    – Checking W3TCs health and clearing/uploading/manage it’s cache would be cool
    – Backup options need to be more flexible. For example, backup DB daily & files weekly… keep DB’s 7 days & keep files 30 days.
    – Update premium themes/plugins by uploading and overwriting if they exist.

    1. ManageWP Admin

      The best place to suggest ideas is here.

  8. sc0ttkclark

    Awesome job as always!

  9. arkaeno

    can we post cross category?
    if we choose site 1, then showing all category site1.
    if we click site 2, and then showing all category site2.

  10. ttownsend

    I cannot tell you how much time and effort this plugin has save me. While I only maintain at present(7) sites,(one of which is a very active Nonprofit site)I now know I have the ability to manage more. I was kind of concerned on how I was going to manage more business as I admin the process of completing design on (2) sites that will be used for marketing/soliciting new for profit business (yes where I may actually get paid). The real issue I have faces is access to these sites has been limited as I am deployed to the middle east now and now this app has allowed me to continue to run my business from afar. Need promotion’s and Testimonial….I am your guy. I hope we share a long lasting and rewarding relationship and we both grow.

    Thanks Again ManageWP Team!

  11. zhesis

    what is the difference between ManageWP and WordPress MU?

    1. ManageWP Admin

      Sign up and try? :)

  12. colinperini

    I can’t thank you enough for ManageWp, I look after 24 sites of my own and ManageWp really simplifies and makes my job so much easier. To think that not long ago I use to handle each one individually.
    Thanks Colin Perini

    1. ManageWP Admin

      Thank you!

  13. boaz

    Encoding problems with hebrew sites since 2.2.0

  14. rami

    do you support RTL sites on managewp?

    1. ManageWP Admin

      Yes we support all kind of sites.

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