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Why can’t I add some of my sites?

Listed below are the most common reasons for this:

  • Your site is down or not accessible by ManageWP. Here is one of the websites that can help you find out if a website is down for everybody.
  • The website at the URL you specified is not a WordPress site. For example, it could be a static HTML page or redirecting somewhere else. Make sure that the URL you enter points to the home page of your WordPress site. Check here if you have a WordPress based site.
  • You are running a maintenance mode/under construction plugin which prevents ManageWP from communicating with your website. Deactivate the plugin.
  • Your web host is blocking ManageWP’s IP. Ask them to whitelist our IP addresses.
  • You do not have the Worker plugin activated and running. Make sure the latest version of the worker is active on your site then reconnect the site with your ManageWP dashboard (click on the Site Options, click Reconnect button).
  • Check whether your hosting provider is blocking custom headers. Our custom headers are the following : MWP-Action,  MWP-Message-ID, MWP-Signature
  • If you receive the “Could not resolve hostname” error, it usually means that the DNS propagation has not yet finished. Please, wait 48 more hours and attempt to add the site again.
  • If you receive the “WordPress hasn’t been detected at this URL” error, try switching the theme to default and attempt to add the site again. If this goes through, it is possible that the problem has been caused by a theme conflict, and you could check this by returning the theme back to the desired theme, once the site has been added to your ManageWP dashboard.
“Site could not be added – click here to install ManageWP Worker plugin”

This error message means that ManageWP is not able to communicate with the Worker plugin on your website. This is usually because of one of the following problems:

  • Your front page is a static HTML page and not a WordPress page (ManageWP requires a direct communication with your WordPress site and in order to add a site to your ManageWP account, the homepage of your site must be a WordPress page)
  • You have maintenance mode activated on your site
  • Could be that there is a plugin incompatibility issue. Try temporarily deactivating all plugins on your site, except ManageWP Worker, and check if the issue persists
"Site could not be added - Bad HTTP response (403 Forbidden)"

Check whether your hosting provider is blocking our IPs or if there are some recent Firewall or mod_security changes that may provoke this behavior. The ManageWP’s IPs that need to be whitelisted are listed here.

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