Sales Frequently Asked Questions - ManageWP


Question: If I decide to change my plan in the middle of the month to manage more sites, will I be charged full price?
Answer: Of course not. When you choose a new plan, you will receive a pro rated refund for the old one, so you’ll never pay a single cent that you haven’t had the opportunity to use.


Question: You are not a service based in the EU, why do I have to pay VAT?
Answer: Per European Commission Legislation, electronic services provided to the customers in the European Union are subject to VAT, regardless of the service provider’s country. The tax is collected by the customer’s country of residence. For more information please check out the European Commission Legislation.


Question: Why do I have to pay VAT, I am in Norway which is not part of the EU?
Answer: Since 2001 electronic services have been subject to VAT in Norway when supplied from vendors established in Norway. Since July 1st, 2011 the Norwegian Parliament passed the bill that imposes a 25% VAT to all foreign electronic services bought by Norwegian residents.


Question: I have my VAT ID, how do I use it?
Answer: The VAT ID can be entered during signup in the order form. If you’ve already signed up, please open a support ticket and provide us with the VAT ID so we can apply it and refund the VAT charge.


Question: I have 6 domains. Do I pay per domain?
Answer: ManageWP domain limit comes in predefined blocks, so you’d have to choose the 7 domain limit.


Question: On your pricing page you mention domains. How do you treat subdomain and subfolder WordPress installations?
Answer: Only domains are counted toward your plan domain limit. So, if you have 2 domains, 7 subfolders and 3 subdomains, you only need a 2 domain plan to manage them all. In every other aspect, each WordPress installation is treated as a separate site.


Question: If I downgrade my account,will I receive a refund?
Answer: Yes! Upon downgrading your account, you will receive a pro-rated refund. Please note, that the refund takes up to 48h to process.


Question: Can I have multiple plans for my ManageWP account – for example have some sites on the Business plan, while keeping the rest on Professional?
Answer: No, sorry. One subscription plan per account. But, you can set up another ManageWP account and link accounts, in order to switch between them with a single click.


Question: Which package is right for me?
Answer: It depends on your specific needs. Standard package offers basic management (like Backup, Plugin/Theme Updates, Bulk add new posts and pages). Features like Clone and Scheduled Backups are available starting with Professional plan. Business package offers features such as White Labeling, SEO, Uptime monitoring etc. For further information check out our Plans & Pricing page.


Question: What is the current refund policy with the ManageWP Guarantee?
Answer: We currently offer a no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee.


Question: Is ManageWP free?
Answer: ManageWP in its basic form is free, allowing you to manage up to 5 domains. When you initially sign up for ManageWP, you will receive access to all of ManageWP’s premium features during the trial period of 14 days. After the trial period has expired, you can purchase a paid plan or continue to use ManageWP for free, for up to 5 domains with access to our Free features. If you wish to have access to additional features and/or wish to manage more than 5 domains with ManageWP, please check out our Plans & Pricing page.


Question: Can I cancel my account at any time?
Answer: Yes! You can cancel your account at any time. No contracts, no hidden fees. We keep it simple and honest.


Question: What happens if I exceed my current domain limit?
Answer: You can simply upgrade your subscription to a higher domain plan or remove excess domains.


Question: What happens if I want to upgrade or downgrade my package?
Answer: We offer a one-click plan switch feature which you can use at any time.


Question: Does ManageWP offer academic/educational pricing?
Answer: Yes! For further assistance please contact our sales department.


Question: Does ManageWP offer a white label/rebranded service?
Answer: Yes, ManageWP offers a rebranded service. Please contact us for more details on this matter.


Question: How do I change my invoice information?
Answer: From the Billing information screen, by clicking on Edit Cards/View Invoices > Invoice Information Details


Question: Do you currently accept PayPal for payments?
Answer: No, unfortunately at the moment we do not support PayPal as a method of payment.


Question: Do you currently accept wire transfers for payments? 
Answer: Yes, we accept wire transfers for orders higher than $1,000 USD.


Question: What is the difference between the Sucuri feature in your service versus their paid service at
Answer: Sucuri integration in ManageWP allows you to manually scan your websites. For additional Sucuri features you will need to use their plugin. Having a ManageWP subscription does not confer special benefits with Sucuri.