ManageWP Orion: A New Take on WordPress Productivity

Update: There have been some changes from the time the Orion idea has originated. Check out the Developer Diary #8 for up-to-date information.

Today we are launching something new. We call it ManageWP Orion.

It is ManageWP, redone from the ground up; designed to focus on what really matters in your WordPress workflow. Built with the completely new backend and frontend, we expect it to raise the bar on speed, reliability and security and revolutionize WordPress management, like the original did five years ago.

Getting Started with ManageWP Orion

Starting today, we’re sending out the first round of invitations to give ManageWP Orion a try, and each invited user will be able to invite their friends. If you still did not receive Orion and you can’t wait for it to reach you, let us know in the comments below.

When you start using ManageWP Orion, you’ll quickly discover that it doesn’t feel the same as ManageWP that you are used to – and that’s exactly the point. The new workflow is more natural and faster, saving you more time.

Word of caution: many features are still missing in Orion so do not feel disappointed; it is a proof of concept that we want to validate with you first. So please make sure you utilize that “Feedback” button like there is no tomorrow.

Go to ManageWP Orion.

The Future

Before I talk about future, I’d like to first reflect on the past.

ManageWP Timeline

It’s been a five year ride for us at ManageWP and we would like to say a big hearty THANK YOU to all our clients, especially those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning, those who are with us now; those of you who expressed patience when you’ve been frustrated with our software or service; those of you who recommended us to your friends.

Thanks to your support and loyalty we are now determined to produce a WordPress productivity tool that isn’t rivaled by anything on the market – whether this is reliability, security, user experience, design, engineering – you name it.

You are going to see novelties left and right – aimed at easing your WordPress workflow whether this is website development, management or client tools. We also noticed an interesting trend recently – many of you with just one website are signing up for ManageWP. We take this as an indication that ManageWP brings the ease of use and interface that beats stock WordPress  – and this is certainly one of the areas that we will expand on more in the future.

Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is the Founder of ManageWP, and is a frequent contributor to the WordPress community - in the form of numerous plug-ins, tools, WordCamp talks and a book by the title WordPress Plugin Development.


  1. John

    It would be appreciated if you could add me to the beta. Thanks.

  2. matt

    love to check out the new version

    1. Nemanja Aleksic

      Hi Matt! Expect the invite within the next 24h.

  3. Chris

    Please add me to the beta!

  4. joshua

    Add me to the beta. I neeeed this!

  5. Stephen DelVecchio

    Can i be added to this beta, if it’s still open?

  6. Patrick Giguere

    I would like to try ManageWP Orion. Thanks!

  7. James

    I’d love to get involved in Orion, an invite would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Nemanja Aleksic

      Of course, I’ve added you (and everyone else from the comments) to the invite list 🙂

  8. s.hertel

    I love the manage WP plugin and I would like to try it out;-)

  9. Tim Yandell

    We are rolling over 1000 websites to WP from a proprietary platform. Looking for tools to ease the journey and monitor life support. I’d really love to try Orion as we want to do it right the first time.

    1. Nemanja Aleksic

      Sure, I’ll follow up with more details via email to make sure Orion is the right service for your need.

  10. David Bell

    Hi, I would love to try out the Orion beta. Thanks, Dave

  11. Chris Edwards

    Would love to get in on the beta. Currently have 170 WordPress sites on the Professional plan with you guys already. Want to give this one a try with a few.

  12. dave

    Please add me to your beta list, very exciting!

  13. Kevin Gilbert

    Would love to get in on the beta.

  14. alanoak68

    I’m a total beginner and a lot to learn count me in please invite welcome

  15. Jl

    Would appreciate to receive an invite code. Many thanks.

  16. Mel Day

    Count me in for an invite to give Orion a whirl!

  17. predmijat

    I would love to try it, thanks!

  18. Marco

    Perhaps I could use this on my websites that I manage. This is currently in beta by invitation?

  19. bob

    We would love to beta test Orion. Please add us to your beta list!

  20. Nate

    Would love to try Orion out. Please add me to the beta list.

    Also, out of interest, will current customers be moved to Orion once it goes live or is it an upgrade we’ll have to purchase separately?


  21. Nemanja Aleksic

    Awesome turnout!

    Everyone from the comment section has been added to the beta list, and a lot of you already received the Orion invite. Keep them coming 🙂

  22. Sasha-Shae

    Would love to be added to the BETA list please, so I could test this. Looks awesome and congrats on a successful beta launch!

  23. info

    Please add us to the beta list as well. Looks very promising!

  24. Mike

    This looks great, would love an invite to check it out and test!

  25. Paul

    Hey, I would like an invitation, thanks.

  26. bruce

    Very interested in what you have done to improve the client reporting aspect of ManageWP. I believe there is a lot of potential here that is currently untapped and I have some ideas for how this should be implemented.

    An invite to the closed beta would be appreciated! Thanks!

  27. sk

    Super keen, please add me to the list

  28. brendon

    I would love an invite too please.

  29. vinjar

    I would love to have an innvitation, please. The work you are doing looks very promising.

  30. Tom Siodlak

    I would love to try out Orion if you have any more invites. Thanks!

  31. Matteo

    I’d like to test Orion, please send me an invitation! 🙂

  32. sam

    Please could you invite me to the beta list?:)

  33. fjacq50


    Yes please send a beta invite to test ManageWP Orion !

    Thank you 🙂

  34. alorenz

    I can’t wait to try this. Can you please send me an invite. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  35. satwell

    I Need This Tool! Please send me an invite.

  36. Lubiland4..MGwP

    yes please, add me too! thanx

  37. steelpulsefan

    Please add me to the invitation list. Thanks

  38. vincewebdes

    Looks promising! Please send me an invitation to join the beta list. Thank you 🙂

  39. kylemontgomerie

    I’ve just finished my trial and signed up! I would like to start out on Orion and would appreciate an invite.

  40. OXICAT

    I would like to test the beta as well. Thanks!

  41. jon

    Dying to join the beta!

  42. webmaster

    Would love a beta invite – we are a small (but mighty) design studio in Toronto, and while I’ve been using Sync / Backupbuddy to expedite maintenance, I have been following your ManageWP blog and recommending it to peers for years now. While we ultimately adopted the aforementioned (backupbuddy) first, the more I’ve been using your current solution trial the more I’ve been thinking ‘perhaps we backed the wrong horse here..’

  43. support

    please invite me! can’t wait to see and use the overhaul.

  44. ryan

    I would like to test the beta as well. Thanks!

  45. ryan

    I would like to test it as well. Thanks!

  46. webadmin

    I would like to try Orion as well! Thank you!

  47. agkozak

    Please add me to the Beta list. I thank you in advance.

  48. mr.realsurf

    hand up for look at beta please

  49. c.randolph

    I’m in, let’s do it!

  50. james

    I would love to be in on the Orion test.

  51. cpost

    Please add me to the list – so excited to see the changes, its like you were reading my mind!

  52. Dan Mahoney

    Invite to beta, por favor.

  53. tiit

    Show me this long time promised masterpiece in live please. 🙂

  54. octimedia

    Another fan, clammering to be let into beta, please

  55. dan

    I would love to see Orion as well!

  56. ShawnG

    I’ve been using ManageWP since November, 2011. Please send me an invite for Orion. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes!

  57. tony

    Please at me to the beta list as well! Thanks!

  58. hei

    Yeah, I would love to try Orion out! 🙂

  59. mark

    Very interested in trying out beta – thank you!

  60. chris

    Please add me to the beta list.

  61. managewp

    Add me to beta list please.

  62. bmw040

    Please place me on the list to try as well

  63. daniel

    Yes please. I would love to try it out.

  64. info

    I think my hair is going to all grow back with this launch! Looks fantastic and can’t wait to get my hands dirty…happy days 😉

  65. marshallpotts9

    Please add me to the beta list! This looks very progressive..

  66. ryan

    Hook a small Las Vegas based social media company up!! We’d like in on the new hotness!

  67. Phil

    please, please, please 😉 I would LOVE to try your beta…

  68. Will

    Good luck with the beta, certainly looks like the way to go. It’s interesting that you have a lot of 1-website signups, it’s probably because of the helpful info you email out 🙂

  69. avid1

    Would appreciate an opportunity to give Orion a test drive!

  70. jon

    I’d like to test Orion

  71. contact

    Hi, I´d like to test manage wp orion

    Thank you so much

  72. Evan

    May I try?

    Thank you.

  73. info

    I would like to try..

  74. Nemanja Aleksic

    It’s amazing to see so many users interested in testing ManageWP Orion. I’ve added everyone in the comment section to the beta list; please be patient as we’re rolling out invites in batches and there’s a lot of interest in trying out the Orion release.

    See you in your inbox! 🙂

  75. Verdi

    Very curious so, yes please!

    1. bmw040

      I would also like to try the Beta as well!!!

      Can’t wait.

  76. Pastie

    Would also love to try beta

  77. tristan.whittaker

    Please could I get an invite to test Orion?

  78. tom_haes1

    Pleas add me too 🙂

  79. bengthelmersson

    Please add me to the beta list, thanks.

  80. knight

    I would like to beta test this.

  81. p.uebel

    I would love to test the beta!

  82. idxwp

    As long as I can continue to use the original ManageWP, then I would also like to try the new ManageWP Orion beta. Thank you.

  83. batesole

    I would also like to test the new beta version.

  84. contact

    Me too, please!

  85. romain

    Hi !

    I would really appreciate using the new Orion.

    Thanks for your great work.

  86. Nokrah

    add me too 🙂

  87. info

    I would love and invite to test it out and use. Please add me to beta list.

  88. info

    Please add me to beta list. would love and invite to test it out and use.

  89. ellegaard

    Can’t wait to get access to it! Please let me in – pretty please?

  90. aaron.sowma

    Add me to the list to get on this train!

  91. jesper

    Please add me to beta 😀

  92. info

    Please, add me to beta test program.

  93. iAdvantage

    Please add our account to beta.

  94. Benoit Machuel

    Hi there. I am a ManageWP customer and would love to try the new ManageWP Orion concept.

  95. buithucdong

    i love orione.

  96. Web Design SEO

    Hi. Please count me in for ManageWP Orion beta test. So excited to try it out. tq

  97. karin

    Would love to try out Orion!! 🙂

  98. craig

    Please add me to the Beta? Thanks

  99. Craig

    Please add me to beta?

  100. klaario

    Hello ManageWP:

    Congrats on five years of excellent work, and thank you for making this really useful tool for our business.

    Would love to help you by providing feedback on ManageWP Orion. Please add us to your list of beta testers.



  101. mindsharemedia

    Please add me to the beta test

  102. kristin.skj

    Would love an invite!!

  103. rosie

    Please add me to the beta. Many thanks

  104. Sander Feinberg

    Would like to join the beta. Thanks

  105. info

    Please can I join the beta 🙂

  106. bmw040

    Sign me up as well for the test, thanks 🙂

  107. admin

    I would like to be added. Thanks!

  108. larryrau

    Please add me. Thanks:)

  109. joaffiliate

    please add me on board! faster = exciting, with so many sites loaded it can really bog down…. so I’m all in to test this new model 🙂

  110. a.schimpf

    Wow, looks awesome!
    I really would love to try it!
    Please add me. 🙂

    Cheers Alex

  111. coreyallen

    I’d love to switch over to oriion as well

  112. Eddie Sutton

    Sounds very interesting. My team manages more than 50 WordPress sites and your description of Orion is exciting — please include me in your beta effort!

  113. john

    And me too!
    Great service. Keep it coming.

  114. Electric Dialogue

    I would like to try this out! Anything to reduce time managing sites is welcome!

  115. Rob -

    I’d love to try the beta…

  116. Ben H

    This looks very promising! Having looked at the videos I am pretty impressed with the grouping functionality and a few others. Would be great to test this out in the near future 🙂

  117. webwerx

    Cleaning up my hosted sites and looking forward to trying out Orion. Please invite me.

  118. asp

    Please invite me! Thank you!

  119. Patrick Steil

    Would love to check it out if it, especially if it is also designed to help with multi-site operations such as moving sites from standalone to a network WP install and vice versa, thanks!

  120. gtms

    Please send me an invite. I signed up on the email list but haven’t received one yet. Thanks in advance!

  121. marcusjonsson1979

    SHUT UP and take my money!

  122. MPW

    Would love an invite, Great product and looking forward to it getting even better with Orion

  123. jhendricker

    Can’t way to try Orion! Please add me to the list.

  124. pl

    Please invite me so i can be blown away.

  125. cosit

    Please add us to the beta. We would love to see how Orion will help us manage our 120 sites 🙂

  126. hakan

    Would love an invite looks great

  127. hm


    this looks really great. We manage about 50 Websites with managewp and we are very happy with the service.

    It would be great to have al look at the new tool. Can you send us an invite?


  128. mexiro

    please send me an invite

  129. olaf.cichocki

    I would L-O-V-E to try it!

  130. info

    I’d like to try it out.

  131. webmaster

    Can’t wait to try it out! Add me please 🙂

  132. webdesign

    I would love to try it out! Please add me to the list.

  133. adrianbarnescom

    Please add me to beta list…thanks!

  134. edward

    Certainly would like to give it a try.

  135. chris

    Invite please. Thanks.

  136. richard.hellier

    Add me please, been dying to try out the new Orion Dashboard – 🙂

  137. geir

    Please add me to the beta list.

  138. luca

    It would make my day if I got an invite 🙂 cheers

  139. 321media

    We also want to try the beta. 🙂

  140. Christophe

    hi team i’d like to try this beta.
    thanks for your amazing job

  141. wwbspydaweb

    Hi team …ye we would like to try out the new ManageWP Orion
    please send invite

    Peter and Pauline

  142. debbie2up

    Wow! Yes please add me to the list!

  143. mm

    I’d like to be in the beta.

  144. Kaz Augustin

    I’d love something like this. If you could, please add me to the beta list. Many thanks.

  145. greg

    Ditto and thank you!

  146. ben wilson

    would love an invite. and more time to travel..

  147. Hayden

    Awesome! Orion looks amazing. Please send me an invite!

  148. vivojack

    Please add me to the beta list. Thanks!

  149. Brat

    Yes please send me a beta invite.

  150. hughsmith

    Congrats guys. I’d love an invite.

  151. juanbb2008

    Hi, I tried to add a websites, however, it appeared notes as below – Could not resolve hostname. Can you please re-check the entered URL.

    kindly guide me how to overcome the problem. TQVM.

    1. Nemanja Aleksic

      We have a dedicated support team ready to assist, please open a support ticket from your ManageWP dashboard and they’ll be on top of it in no time. Please note that your website is down right now, which is the leading cause of website connectivity issues 🙂

  152. Jorge Díaz

    This is awesome, hope to get an invite. Congrats to the ManageWP team.

  153. jmazza

    PLease send invite.

  154. portmaconline

    That’s typical, isn’t it! Now that all the hard work is just about done, the boss comes out to take the credit! 🙂

    Congratulations Vladimir, and ALL the gang, and good luck with the beta testing. I can’t wait for the final product — but I guess I will have to! 🙂


  155. luiscarrillo

    Would love a beta invite, Orion looks fantastic!

  156. Vytautas

    Happy user interested in upgrading too..:)

  157. curtise

    I’d love to jump in and try Orion – please send me an invite too.

  158. fabriciopatron

    wanna get a beta invite!

  159. Jason

    Yes please send a beta invite. I’ve been waiting with baited breath.

  160. brandon.gilmore

    Can’t wait to try this out. Please send us an invite too. Looking forward to Managing Websites like a Boss!

  161. web-services

    Looks awesome, please send us and invite 🙂

  162. webteam

    Please add us to the beta list 🙂

  163. ilkka

    Sign me up as well for the test, thanks 🙂

  164. post

    I would like to get to it, right away!

  165. hunwickd

    Would love to give it a test run! Thanks.

  166. Peter S

    hi – keen to see it too!

  167. natebald

    Please add me!

  168. swiesman

    I would love an invitation. Thanks

  169. sites

    Thanks for a great product. Just recently Premium Plugins on my dashboard have not been showing up. After talking to support they now say Premium Plugins are not supported but for the almost year I’ve been a member I’ve seen premium plugins listed and available for update. What!?! Will Orion support premium plugins?

    1. Nemanja Aleksic

      Premium plugins and themes need to implement our API hook in their code so you could update them just like plugins and themes from the WordPress repo. A lot of developers followed suite and their plugins can be updated via ManageWP.

      The code can be found here:

  170. jeroen

    I’m also highly interested 🙂

  171. billy

    Hi I signed up, but never got an invitation code. Please add me please.

  172. west70th

    Would love to try it out! Thanks 🙂

  173. richard

    Please add me to the beta list! Looks great!

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Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!