ManageWP Reborn: Announcing The All New ManageWP!

ManageWP Is Completely Redesigned & More Amazing Than Ever!

ManageWP, the world’s most popular and revolutionary WordPress management platform for multiple WordPress site management, is revolutionizing the WordPress management scene once again with a fully redesigned dashboard and an epic set of new timesaving functionality. WordPress management has never been this easy… until now!

Team ManageWP is very proud to introduce a completely new design and amazing set of new features to the ManageWP dashboard. This latest iteration of the ManageWP dashboard was designed with two primary goals in mind: maximum efficiency and unquestionable simplicity for all your WordPress management needs.

Our team of over twenty full-time employees has been working for months and around the clock to redefine and fully optimize the ManageWP experience. Thanks to our incredible customers’ support, we can now take all this hard work and reveal it to the world.

Anyone can sign up for free to try out and enjoy the new ManageWP experience. So come see what the completely new ManageWP dashboard has to offer!

Beauty & Style

The ManageWP dashboard has been completely redesigned in order to simplify and streamline the user experience. With our new dashboard, users can quickly organize their sites, access frequently used actions, and execute critical tasks like cloning and backup all from a single powerful dashboard.

Quickness & Efficiency

The new dashboard, along with a number of technical speed improvements, enables users to quickly open and access screens much quicker than ever before. These speed improvements ensure that you’re spending more time with your customers and your content, and even less time managing WordPress.

Accessing Favorites

Users can now add frequently accessed pages, websites, links, and tasks to the dashboard sidebar. Simply drag & drop to rearrange items at will. This ensures that users can always quickly accomplish their most important objectives within ManageWP, while still also providing an easy-to-use interface to manage any WordPress site in an instant.

Powerful Site Selection Filters

Selecting sites to interact with is now much easier in the new ManageWP dashboard. Our revamped site picker will ensure that users can more quickly and easily refine their selections with filters and shortcuts.

Account Action Logging

Keeping tabs on what happens within ManageWP is now easy as pie. Users can now view a list all account actions with a few clicks. Users also have the ability to view these actions with IP and timestamp filters, ensuring that you’re always in the know.

Client Reporting

Want to know exactly what’s going on within all those WordPress sites? ManageWP’s brand new Client Reporting feature will help you create professional and fully editable reports that can be exported to PDF, shared via email, or sent via secret links. Note: the feature will start gathering data now, so you will not have a history of previous actions.

Open Multiple Sites In Tabs

Need to get down and dirty directly in your WordPress dashboard? A much requested user feature, we now created a simple way for users to instantly open all of their WordPress sites into new and separate tabs while being automatically logged in.



We spent a lot of time working on this to make your life much easier. However we are aware there may be bugs and features that needs polishing. We won’t be happy ourselves until it’s all perfect. So please forgive any glitches and performance issues, we are working on it.

Please do not hesitate to let us know about anything you think about the new dashboard, whether good or bad!


Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is the Founder of ManageWP, and is a frequent contributor to the WordPress community - in the form of numerous plug-ins, tools, WordCamp talks and a book by the title WordPress Plugin Development.


  1. Sukadev

    I love the new ManageWP. Especially the Open Multiple Sites in Tabs – this is a “Killing App” . Thank you very much.

    1. ManageWP

      Thanks, we strive to innovate!

  2. satori83

    Must state the already stated…
    LOVE the new design
    LOVE the reporting
    LOVE Love LOVE the support….
    Cant wait for android 🙂

    1. ManageWP

      Thank you VERY VERY VERY much ! 🙂

  3. Scott

    I am happy to restate the already stated….
    LOVE the new design
    Love the reporting
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the support

    ..oh yeah, and can’t wait for the android!

  4. iwmanagewp

    Nice job. Your customer service is top notch and you have taken it a step further by not only listening to feedback, but anticipating our needs.

  5. Matt

    Hey guys, I love the new look! Well done on creating one of the best WordPress tools available. This tool has saved me countless hours working with clients. ManageWP rocks!

  6. cgoenner

    What UI-Framework did you used? Like it!

    1. ManageWP

      None particular (yikes!). Pure jQuery for the most part

  7. Maggew Dot Com

    Excellent. I look forward to another sweet ManageWP Tour Vimeo update showcasing the wicked design.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Chris Haught

    Pure awesomeness, heading over to check it out now, thanks!

  9. Jonathan

    Looks great! Keep up the good work.

  10. Luca Unti

    Problems using managewp for wordpress blogs installed on the standing cloud platform ?

    1. ManageWP

      Normally no. Can you submit a ticket about it?

  11. clayasbury

    Great tool! Love the redesign!

  12. matt

    is this ready for standalone users too?

    1. ManageWP

      Will be ready in a while after we polish things. ETA two weeks.

  13. Dawson

    Awesome UI – Yet another reason why ManageWp is best.Kudos to the team!

    1. ManageWP

      Thank you very much for the kind words!

  14. saveda

    You guys continue to improve this already sound service. Thanks!

  15. draivika

    This is a great improvement, thanks for delivering a spectacular product and not being satisfied, but continuously improving it!

    1. ManageWP

      Thanks for appreciating this effort. We are not satisfied yet with everything, we will continue to improve.

  16. Lee Peterson

    That’s a great UI guys!! I absolutely love what you’ve done to the WP design. I think WP themselves should consider integrating some of these things such as Favorites and stats!

    1. ManageWP

      Thank you very much, your support means a lot to us.


      Brilliant idear – the option to D&D the (L) Menu Widgets is wicked too! Check it out!

  17. soflaweb

    Looks good. Thanks for the progress. So far, I have been able to jump right in without any new learning curve.
    Great job!

  18. eRock

    Oh, yeah…. when you are going to give us some Android app love??

    1. ManageWP

      In about three weeks 🙂

      1. Carlos Aguilar

        Honestly this has been one of the best decisions (web developing related) I’ve made, so easy to use, you can develop a site on a subdomain and then back it p and clone it to the main site, all this in less than 5 minutes. If you create WordPress sites for clients you must have ManageWP.

        <3 the new interface
        <3 that you take care of us
        <3 that you continue to work and improve this great platform

        1. ManageWP

          Thank you, we aren’t stopping here!

  19. eRock

    Woot! Always love improvements and upgrades! Layout is much cleaner and user friendly. Added bonus of client reporting and history log! Would love it if it offered a multi user function, where two different webmasters can access same site using one ManageWP worker plugin. You guys are popular!

  20. maddogprod

    So far, looks great….in Firefox. It doesn’t work at all in IE8 (in case you weren’t aware of this).

    1. ManageWP

      Minimum supported version is IE 9.

  21. agentserp

    I sent a ticket in, but there seems to be a problem inserting links into posts. The button doesn’t work.

    1. agentserp

      I heard back in response to my ticket, the developers are on it. Plus they are going to fix the ability to make posts sticky which was also not working.

      1. James Mowery

        Thanks so much for letting us know! If anyone notices any other nasty little bugs, feel free to submit a bug report. We will squash them promptly! 🙂

        1. agentserp

          No prob. I love ManageWP’s ability to let me do my job in a fraction of the time. How long is this fix estimated to take?

          Plus, as per my ticket, I’d love to see the ability to use spyntax in the posts and post titles without having to use code snippets (not sure what those are to be honest.)

          Either way, thanks!

  22. ttownsend

    You guys have done an AWESOME job; I really like the New Design and it looks like you took a LOT of the suggestions I and others had suggested. The Reports features is gonna be a great tool. I do have a question on this. Just trying it out, I notice that the data capture only goes back to mid November. Also, when I created a report from that time frame to present it shows (0) values in all the columns. I moved the dates around but still no data is being reflected. I had quite a few updates to my sites in December can you look into this ? Thanks Again for the now look.

    1. ManageWP

      Thank you!

      The client report data has just started to be gathered. So that is why it shows zero at the moment.

      1. ttownsend

        OK makes sense: You might want to post that in that nice Intro Video you set up so yo don’t get a bunch of Trouble Tickets on this. Just sayin 🙂

        1. Kevin Gilbert

          Yep. Funny. I just opened a ticket on this.

    2. james

      Thanks so much!

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Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!

Over 65,000 WordPress professionals are already using ManageWP

Add as many websites as you want for free, no credit card required. Sign up and start saving time!

Have questions? Get in touch!