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ManageWP for Android Has Arrived!

ManageWP and Android

Since we launched ManageWP for iOS back in November 2012 one of the most popular questions we have been asked is, “When will you have it for Android?” Our answer has always been, “We’re working on it!” Far be it from us to exclude Android users from the joy of managing multiple WordPress websites from their smartphones — we just needed to tackle on app at a time.

But today I am delighted to announce that the extremely hard and dedicated work of our dev team is about to pay off because ManageWP for Android is now available! Read on to find out what you can expect from the newest addition to the ManageWP family of apps.

No Surprises (But That’s a Good Thing)

You’re no doubt familiar with the old adage, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Well, that’s exactly the approach we took to developing the ManageWP Android app. We had essentially already done the hard work in developing the iOS app — the key was in taking that existing framework and porting it over to the Android operating system.

The technical ins-and-outs aren’t at all important — what I am trying to say is that the Android version of the ManageWP is the twin of the iOS version. All of the same features that we have previously covered are also present in the Android version, including:

The intention with our mobile apps is to create an experience that in some ways can actually supersede the desktop version of ManageWP and we are confident that we have achieved that with the Android app. Whilst you will still rely upon the desktop version for gaining access to total control of your ManageWP account, the mobile app gives you a way of accessing the most commonly-used features in just a few taps.

You’re going to love how much more efficiently you can manage your sites with the app — it’s like finding ManageWP all over again.

What Are You Waiting For?

That’s enough reading — now it’s time to grab yourself a free copy of the ManageWP app for android! You can download directly from the Google Play store here:

Download the ManageWP Android App

We’d love to know what you think about our new app so please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is the Founder of ManageWP, and is a frequent contributor to the WordPress community - in the form of numerous plug-ins, tools, WordCamp talks and a book by the title WordPress Plugin Development.


  1. satori83

    I just downloaded new version and it still wont login? Just says an error occured

    1. Igor Kolosov

      Android app is working correctly, iOS version has a temporary bug which we will correct in the next couple of days. Feel free to contact support office at in case you need additional assistance with the apps

  2. rwperkinsjr

    So I assume your May 1st timeline was wrong? The app I have was working but now it won’t even login. Too bad I was liking it. No updates, no info… not a good way to get me to upgrade my account.

    Maybe there should be some info on the rewrite… a new timeline? Anything?? You have people begging for it but you won’t answer them.

    1. Vladimir Prelovac

      Sorry for the lack of updates. We are happy to say that the app is in final beta for the selected number of users. It will definitely launch this month, pending approval from Google and Apple.

  3. lesly

    Guy, the link did’t work anymore..

  4. scott

    Was working fine for a while but now crashes and says it can’t load data. Was support for it dropped? I don’t see an update or anything…

    1. Vladimir Prelovac

      We pulled it out as we are building a new version (the old one wasnt as good as we wanted it). New version is due out around 1st of May.

      1. i

        Is it out yet Vladimir?

        1. Sidd

          Hello :)

          Is it out yet?

  5. Mad Dog

    I downloaded the Android app which looks good and seems to work well. I didn’t test everything but loved the access. Two notes:

    1. I had no problem moving it to my SD card, which I really appreciate (gotta save that space).

    2. I can’t shut it down. If I hit LOG OUT it exits, then starts up again. If I back out, it shuts down then starts up again. The only way to really get out of it is to go to my Home Screen.

  6. idolbloglive

    awesome. it rocks :)

  7. Michael Cassius

    Finally! 😀

  8. soflaweb

    Very cool and much appreciated.
    Installing right now!

  9. info

    Thanks a million. I was desperately waiting for this. It has made my task much easier now.

    Just one thing. Why this app can’t be installed or moved on SD card :(


      Really wanted to thank you for updating the app. I was able to move the app to the SD card.

      Thanks a million :)

  10. The Design Creative

    Thank you. The Design Creative have been waiting on this.

  11. Taswir Haider

    Thanks Vladimir,it works like a charm !Can’t wait to use it.

  12. Provisual

    Thank God, I’m so happy for this. Been a long time coming and seems to work great. This will really cut time even further. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    Now all we need is Paypal option.

  13. Mikel

    I was eagerly waiting for this, thanks!!!!

  14. ogenox

    Thanks Vladimir. It works flawlessly!

  15. ryan


    Let’s just say I’ve been hoping for this for a while now!

    Can’t wait to use it!

  16. John Saddington

    congrats on your release here guys!

  17. Hong Kong IT Services

    It works like a charm !


    NB : the only little fix to be done is when you update a plugin. For example I have right now 6 wordpress managed, 1 of them require a plugin update, when you do the update, the message afterward is telling you the the update was successfull on 1 wordpress and failed on 5 others … which is wrong since we had only 1 wordpress to update !!

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