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Top 5 Free WordPress Themes of the Month — June 2013 Edition

Themes of the Month

When it comes to WordPress themes and this edition of our Themes of the Month series, June has to be seen as a period of diversity. I’ve got some really cool themes to show you of wildly varying types and designs.

While every single one may not be your cup of tea, that makes it ever more likely that you’ll fall in love with one in particular. Enjoy!

5. Ever After

Ever After

Let’s start with something a little out of left field. Ever After is marketed as a wedding theme, and as such you might reasonably think that it has rather limited appeal.

However, there is nothing about the design that overtly screams “wedding,” so if you like the style and design, there is no reason why you can’t adapt it for your needs. As you would expect from a theme designed by Automattic, it is very nicely put together and comes with some nice touches in terms of structure and typography.

Demo / Download

4. Emphaino


Pinterest-style themes still seem to be relatively popular, as demonstrated by the emergence of Emphaino.

The theme is clearly designed for image-heavy sites and is perfect for photographers, illustrators and the like. In fact, it would serve ideally as either an out-and-out portfolio theme for showcasing your work, or a more laid-back blogging theme for images and photos that you create and/or curate.


3. Expressions


This is a simple yet attractive theme that could serve a number of purposes. Expressions is dominated by a bold slider feature above the fold and is fully responsive. I really like the way the sections below the slider are highlighted with a subtle drop-shadow effect.

It is most likely to be adopted as a business theme as it offers a clean and elegant framework that would require little customization in order to be prepared for use.

Demo / Download

2. Ryu


I am a huge fan of Ryu — the above screenshot does this theme no justice whatsoever.

The influence of Automattic’s love for single column designs is plain to see here, with the same multi-colored approach to post types that can be seen in the new Twenty Thirteen theme.

Having said that, I prefer it to Twenty Thirteen — I think everything from the typography to the generous whitespace makes for a really good-looking theme. Every now and then a theme comes along that compels me to create blog just for it — this is one such theme.

Demo / Download

1. Customizr


With fifteen five star ratings on the repository, Customizr is a popular theme amongst the few thousand who have downloaded it so far. And it’s plain to see why — built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework to be HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, it is a bold showcase of quality theme design.

Beginner WordPress users will be delighted by this theme’s integration with the WordPress theme customizer feature — they are able to change everything from the “color skin,” to the logo, the front page slider, social network links and more. It comes packed with a bunch of neat features and is well worth your consideration.

Demo / Download

Tom Ewer

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  1. mahady

    Thanks for Sharing wordpress Update Themes I Really Amazing Themes !

  2. mahady

    Thanks for Sharing wordpress Update Themes I Really Amazing Themes !!!

  3. bigg boss season 7

    I love themes which use of html5 i.e. Customizr

  4. Raad

    Emphaino is good for a movies site.

  5. papuan

    Anyone can give me link to wordpress showcase desinger template , because i wanted to create and publish my own wordpress and blogspot templates/themes…

  6. laura iacob

    tankx u so much i found theme for my web site

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    Excellent Themes….

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    Thanks for sharing,really very nice themes..

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    Really awesome wordpress themes for blogging. I found Elegance on it is a very nice themes!

  10. iphone spy

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a wordpress theme having ease of customization and styling. No matter if it’s paid or free. My budget is approximate 40 dollors. and the website would be Android/iPhone apps reviews. Thank you!

  11. Alarm Mobil

    Thank you, I will change my blog theme, hope they work well.

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    tankx u so much i found theme for my web site

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    Wow the customizer seems to look good!

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    Great article

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    Awesome collection loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

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    Nice collection of the themes!!

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    Awesome post. Also found some good themere here.

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    We also had update Alterna V3.0 as a great wordpress theme, please check it.

  19. Raad

    I liked Customizr, its pretty awesome and clean. thanks for sharing this.

  20. David Rosas

    These template are awesome, I will change my template as soon as possible. Thanks. Good luck :)

    1. oliver

      Thank you, I will change my blog theme, hope they work well.

  21. Mathew Porter

    Some nice clean layouts and ive seen Ryu theme and saw the post regarding the development of it and it seems like a great little theme, especially for free.

  22. nikeo

    I am the developper of Customizr and I really appreciate your review and ranking of the theme!
    I agree with you, this theme has been designed to be easy to use, especially for newbies in WordPress.


    1. millionairesocietysinglemom

      Hi great to know some one cares for us newbies

    2. Scarlett


      2 newbie questions:

      a) stilllllllll sooooooo confused on how to make any pic blow up to fit slider/carousel size. Amazingly confusing, even if plug-ins galore!

      b) on a different WP site, I need to not use slider in theme. How to do that if theme does not have that in settings? If possible, please walk-thru like I am ten.

      Any CSS chatter, and this newbie freezes.

      Thx, ya’ll!

  23. Taneya

    Thanks for this post. The Customizr theme was perfect for a site I’m working on – it’s working out quite nicely. :-)

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