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Build Your Affiliate Program with the User Commissions Plugin


The User Commissions Plugin is a premium extension for the extremely popular (and free) Easy Digital Downloads Plugin by Pippin Williamson. As you’ve probably already guessed from the name, the User Commissions Plugin extends the already amazing functionality of Easy Digital Downloads and allows users to easily record commissions when a sale is made.

Personally, I can’t believe I haven’t read more about this. I mean, it’s not exactly breaking news considering the User Commissions Plugin has been around for nearly a year now, and yet almost none of the major WordPress blogs have talked about it.

Of course an obvious reason for this may be because it’s a premium add-on and not a free plugin, but nevertheless I think it is worth taking a closer look at. Especially if you’re already selling (or thinking about selling) digital products on your WordPress Website.

After all, Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that got our attention more than once last year as one of the best free plugins available for WordPress period. So it stands to reason that if User Commissions is an extension of an already exceptional plugin and created by the same plugin author…it’s probably packing some serious value.

But instead of just speculating, let’s take a look…

User Commissions Plugin: A Video Overview

In the video below plugin author Pippin Williamson gives a succinct overview of the User Commissions Plugin and what it’s capable of.

User Commissions Plugin Features & Pricing

As you can see in the video above, there are some insanely useful features built into the User Commissions Plugin.

Let’s quickly review them:

So how much does this plugin cost? Well, it depends on usage…

For a single site license – $39

For 2-5 sites – $75

Unlimited sites – $103

More details here.

A Near-Instant Affiliate Program

I guess what I really find appealing about this plugin is that it creates a near-instant ability for just about anyone to create an affiliate program through their WordPress blog or website. What’s more is the price seems easily justifiable since you should already know if there is significant enough interest in a product of yours by the current sales stats in the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin you’re running. It just seems like a no brainer to me. A huge leg up for anyone looking to grow their sales and utilize the power of affiliate marketing.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. I know as I develop some products this year for sale on my own blog I’ll be working towards implementing User Commissions as soon as possible. What about you?

Note: I’m not an Easy Digital Downloads affiliate nor are any of the links in this post affiliate links.

Nathan Weller

Hi! I'm Nathan B Weller: writer, book lover, and digital publisher. I use WordPress to launch blogs, products, businesses and portfolios for myself and my clients. If you'd like to see what I'm up to on a regular basis stop by my website at

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  1. Bryan Conklin

    Thanks for this breakdown! I didn’t realize Easy Digital Downloads had an extension that enabled commission tracking. I’ll definitely check this out now.

    Earlier this year, I was searching for this same functionality for my WooCommerce store. Many of the plugins I found don’t cater to the shop owner who has a sales force (or multiple sales forces) out on the street selling their product in person. So, I decided to do something about this.

    I just released the WP Sales Tracking plugin on CodeCanyon. You can check it out here:

    I was frustrated with not being able to easily track sales so I could pay sales reps’ commission. The only solutions available were affiliate plugins that created a unique URL for each sales rep. For my customers, it was asking too much to require each of them to shop through a unique URL just so the sales rep would get credit. Many are not very tech-savvy.

    So, I created this plugin to make it super simple. The admin assigns sales reps to customers on the back-end, and customers can simply shop from the normal URL.
    In addition, the WP Sales Tracking plugin allows for entire sales organizations to track their revenue.
    There’s a beautiful front-end dashboard that provides a view into each representative’s revenue for a particular time-frame. The plugin uses order data from the WooCommerce plugin.

    My goal is to help others who have run into this problem. Please check it out and let me know feedback!

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