Change Your WordPress Login URL

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  1. Your blog is really incredible and the design is really top notch.

  2. Thanks for the tips! It worked :)

  3. hope it works as it mentioned…thumbs up buddy.

  4. Jasa seo says:

    its amazing. definitely try on my wp blogs.. hope it works as it mentioned…

  5. Gregg says:

    I use this plugin on my WP multisite installation. However when I hide the back end, that bit works fine and relocates the login page to the slug I have chosen. Its after that is the problem… I enter my user / pwd and then rather than get to the wp-admin backend instead I just get a 404 page not found error?

    Tried googling the issue but cant find anything that helps. Spent 4 hours today trying to work it out (fyi my coding knowledge and htaccess knowledge is very basic)

    Any suggestions?

  6. Arpit Vimal says:

    Sounds good…that we can change the login address of WordPress blogs.

  7. This is a wonderful article, Given so much info in it, These type of articles keeps the users interest in the website, and keep on sharing more … good luck

  8. Venus says:

    I will definitely change my login url, that's the reason why im reading this post right now. i have wordfence installed on my wordpress site and keep emailing me that there was someone who tried to login using my admin username for 20 times nad then, BAM! my site is down with a database error i takes an hour before it went back really frustrating.

  9. Rudi Nazar says:

    This very complete and easy to be practiced at all, but I want to ask, if there are free tools out there that can tell us wordpress login URL? I fear that if for example there are such tools, hackers can easily certainly determines the login URL.

  10. M says:

    Better WP Security completely locked me out of my site and made some HORRIBLE changes to my databases that I did not authorise. I would avoid this plugin like the plague!

  11. Can't we just add <code>RewriteRule ^login$ [NC,L]</code> to our htaccess file to do this ?

  12. Robinsh says:

    Yesterday I enabled my WP site for anyone to register as a subscriber but what I saw there was more than 100 fake accounts created by the bots and that's why I was searching and found your post to help myself .

  13. Gene says:

    Definitely NOT awesome. Installed and setup without a problem but hours later when I went to log in to my admin panel I'm redirected to a 404 page not not found. Great. Now I can't get in my site and have no clue how to fix what this crap broke.

    • Hi Gene. Sorry that you've experienced troubles. Assuming your hosting isn't a conflicting factor here, just SFTP into your site and edit your main .htaccess file. You can delete the lines added by BWP and you should be able to use /wp-login.php again. Once in wp-admin, you can disable the BWP plugin and try another (see previous comments) or just try to setup BWP again. Hope you get it figured out soon.

      • Gene says:

        First and foremost, I apologize for having used horrible manners and not asking for help properly. No excuse for that.

        I did go in to the .htaccess and it was simple enough to fix, have gained full access once again, thank you. Now I wonder, can I completely uninstall the plugin or do I need to restore the backup made just prior to executing Better WP Security?

  14. Ukraina says:

    Its actual problem to change defaul wp-login.
    If plugin will do something wrong – i just may clean up htaccess manually.

  15. says:

    I got the plugin working, but when I go the it just redirects me to .nl/wp-login.php.

    What did I do wrong?

  16. I'm confused as to why the developers of WordPress don't implement a system to eliminate more of the threats they've been plagued with for a few years now.

  17. White Label Branding plugin on Codecanyon also allows you to make this change. There's since been a few others that have come along as well.

    Hide my wordpress is pretty sensitive though because if you do the wrong thing, or another plugin blocks it's full functionality due to a conflict from their code, you can be locked out of your site.

  18. Oleh says:

    Hello, your antispam plugin eated my comment, don't wanna write it again:/

  19. Mohit says:

    wow that really impressive, now i can change my WP site login url.
    thanks for the tips.

  20. Thanks for sharing this Clifford! I want to know, is there any other plugin available which can help me to change the login URL? As Better WP Security plugin was not working on my site when I was first time tried it. So, any idea?

  21. Tim says:

    After installing Better WP Security everything works well except now my green box doesn't pop up when a client uses my contact form 7. The green box used to confirm that the email was sent successfully. Any thoughts on this? I am receiving the emails.

    • I don't use CF7 personally so I haven't experienced this (and I don't know what green box pop up you're referring to — the submission text?), but a quick Google search indicated to me several reports of the reCAPTCHA possibly having an issue with both of these installed. Have you tried CF7 + BWP active without reCAPTCHA on CF7?

  22. Thanks for sharing such important information. It will help me and my clients as well.

    Many Thanks.

  23. Hi Clifford,

    Actually I had to leave this amazing plugin because it shows 'internal server error' after some hours of installation,I checked with some of the experts like you,they told me that the plugin is not updated which is creating the issue.
    If you can help me on this,I will give another try to this plugin.
    Having said that my host is awardspace.(paid basic shared hosting plan)

  24. Almaare says:

    its amazing. definitely try on my wp blogs.. hope it works as it mentioned…

    thumbs up buddy.

  25. Derrick says:

    I did this but it just redirects.

    Is there another step involved or is this method already outdated?


    • Derrick, if you tell me what you input as your settings, what is redirecting, and where it's redirecting to, I might be able to help. However, it's all pretty straight forward since it's all done via the main WordPress installation's .htaccess file. If you ever get "locked out", you could always delete the #BETTER WP SECURITY lines in the file via FTP/SFTP and then the /wp-login.php will work again via direct access. If you figure it out yourself, great. If you need help, comment here, post in the Better WP Security plugin's support forum, or email me from <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

  26. Installing WordPress from scratch actually allows you to set the username of the first Admin user. It has for several versions.

  27. says:

    You can change the login URL using a one-liner in the .htaccess file:
    RewriteRule ^login$ [NC,L]

    Changing with your own domain name.

    You would then login at


    • Hi Wil. Directly editing the .htaccess file is possible, but not everyone's comfortable doing that. Plus, the Better WP Security plugin does a lot of other good stuff. Additionally, the goal is to get the login to "move" not just be "redirected to" because that doesn't hide wp-login.php from being directly accessed. For those that wish to use it, though, thanks for the sharing.

  28. Excellent post I'll save this for my wordpress security round up post.

    I think there are a few holes that you mentioned that most webmasters have.

    However, the best security is a good recent backup.